Upon arriving in Barcelona after a redeye, Colman and I grabbed a quick breakfast before heading up the coast. This was a fatal mistake. After this first day, I quickly realized that having a substantial breakfast in the morning was a horrible idea. On this trip, every lunch and dinner contained more food than I normally eat in a day. By the time we got to Figueres, Catalunya, for lunch at El Motel, I was still far from hungry.

But the food being presented to me was just impossible to turn down. Chefs at several of the restaurants we went to offered us a tasting menu; the concept being that we could taste a “little bit” of everything. Most of the portions weren’t that small, however, and there usually ended up being more or less 10 plates. But again, this food was way too good to pass up. The photo above is of langoustines from El Motel: a dish I distinctly remember gagging at the thought of a few years back. Thinking of that now is frustrating considering my newfound love for the slightly daunting-looking little creatures.

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