Strawberry and Beat Salad at Compartír

compartir restaurante

Although the first hotel we stayed at was actually in Rosas, my father and I visited several other towns as well. We spent a gorgeous day in Cadaqués, Catalunya, where we dined at the restaurant Compartír.

On the left is one of my favorite foods we encountered at most meals on this trip: Tomato bread (or pa amb tomáquet, in Catalan). It’s so simple but so great that I don’t know why I haven’t encountered it at restaurants in the states. It’s simply toasted bread with the insides of a tomato rubbed on it’s surface, drizzled with a little olive oil and seasoned with salt. Recipe to come! Definitely something that I am going to start making more of as a side or starter with my meals.

The main dish pictured here is a strawberry and beat salad, with a dollop of something that actually tastes just like gazpacho (that white mousse in the middle). Strange to imagine that, but a aesthetically pleasing way to complement the sweetness of the fruits around it and other flavors surrounding it.

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