The Notorious R.P.G.


At the University of Richmond, where I attend school, Lou’s Café serves the ever-popular Red Pepper Gouda soup. What started as something that was served on what seems like a random rotation, like all of the other soups, turned into it being served every Tuesday, which then turned to this year’s schedule: R.P.G. all day every day.

RPG is undoubtedly the most well-known menu item at Lou’s, and possibly at this school (to business school students, at least). Today I spoke with sophomore and part-time worker at Lou’s, Tucker White, who told me, “I don’t know the recipe because all of the food prep gets done before I get there. But I wish I did because it’s really good. Not sure what it is. Must be a little something extra in there.”

But will the soup’s novelty wear off now that it is offered every day of the week? It’s a concern many students have expressed, but for now, it seems to continue to do just fine.

If I’m going to buy soup at Lou’s it’s going to be this one, but why it’s so wildly popular still confuses me. I do like it. It’s hot and cheesy, which are two of my absolute favorite qualities in a meal, but it’s just not much different from a cup of pasta sauce. I love red peppers and I love gouda cheese, so I’m thinking my goal for next week is to try and cook up my own reinvention of it. Stay tuned.

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