Richmond is for Eaters

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I apologize for being repetitive, but for the second time this week, I visited my new favorite Richmond restaurant, The Continental Westhampton (see below: “Breakfast of Champions” and “I didn’t even eat this”). Again, my dining partner and I were faced the arduous task of choosing from the large menu. In order to optimize our taste testing, we figured the safest bet would be to order three starters to split as our main course. We settled on the incoherent but still delicious (and carb-loaded) trio of  gruyere mac ‘n’ cheese, mexican corn on the cob, and baked goat cheese. Full descriptions of the plates are below.

I don’t know much about writing restaurant reviews, but I do know this restaurant has stolen my heart. Everything about it, from the hanging strings of lights outside, to the playful wall decor, to the crate of condiments on every table (featuring my all-time favorite: Sriracha hot sauce), to the family-sized booths, and to genuinely welcoming staff, makes eating here such a pleasant experience. As aforementioned, the last aspect of Continental that makes it so suitable for my friends and I, is low prices coupled with large portions. I only look forward to next time.

Gruyere mac’n’cheese: gruyere & sharp cheddar, baked, topped with the classic crumble ($7.50)

Mexican corn on the cob: fresh corn on the cob with lime butter, cumin & cotija cheese ($6)

Baked goat cheese: *must be a new item because it’s not on the online version, but it featured baked goat cheese with honey, pine nuts, arugula salad, and toasted french bread

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