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Azzurro’s is one of the hottest dinner spots in Richmond over family weekend. I luckily remembered this from previous years and booked my reservation a few weeks in advance. Not only is it convenient as it’s within walking-distance from campus, but it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Richmond overall. It’s more of a special occasion spot considering it’s prices, and that probably adds to its family weekend popularity.

I had two a cappella concerts on Saturday, one of which was at 9:00pm. The group we went out to dinner with all had plans on coming to this, so we scheduled dinner around that. I made it a point to fill up on appetizers so that I didn’t leave hungry when I had to duck out to get to my concert early. The menu is ridiculously hard to order from, being that I would happily devour every item on it. I ordered a cup of one of the soup specials, hot potato and leek, but unfortunately was slightly disappointed with it. It didn’t have much depth to it, and reminded me just of a cup of chicken broth. The pizza we split across the table, however, was just heavenly. We got the Pizza Di Giardino, which features toasted pinenuts, olive oil, gorgonzola, shallots, tomatoes, and shaved arugula. The gorgonzola was very rich but the fresh arugula balanced it nicely. A couple pieces of this and I was beyond content with my meal.

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