Cooking for Mama

Cooking for Mama

This past weekend was family weekend at the University of Richmond. My mom came down and stayed with us at my house. Instead of spending the whole weekend being treated to fancy meals by my mom like many students might do, I decided to turn the tables and set up a dinner where the kids provided the food. Two of my roommates and I had our parents over for a home cooked meal, and they were beyond appreciative of it. Though I led the cooking, having the extra hands of my roommates definitely helped. Like I’ve said in the past, chicken rollatini is always a crowd favorite and is surprisingly easy, so I decided to go with a somewhat mexican/latin theme for flavors and cook jalapeño popper stuffed chicken breasts with mexican corn and spanish rice on the side.

Again, the rollatini recipe came from the Skinny Taste website, and again, I didn’t exactly follow the directions for suggested ingredients. I was more generous with the stuffing portions and didn’t buy fat-free shredded cheese. Coupled with these two sides, it wasn’t exactly a skinny meal, but hey, it was a special occasion. The chicken recipe is below. As far as the spanish rice, I just followed the directions on the Zatarain’s box (but added fresh tomatoes instead of canned) and some of my own seasonings.

I didn’t exactly follow a recipe for the Mexican corn, but rather knew the normal ingredients and just worked from there. Typically Mexican corn has cotija cheese, chili powder, and lime juice on it (often held together with mayonnaise but I assume that is not so traditional). I could not locate cotija cheese in the grocery store, so I used a combination of crumbled feta and shredded gruyere- both of which I had in the fridge at home. I grilled the corn until parts were blackened and it turned the rest turned bright yellow, coated them in about a tablespoon of mayonnaise, and loaded on the toppings. Definitely my favorite part of the meal.

I’m glad I went with something I knew how to do as opposed to trying something overly fancy or difficult. Overall the parents were thrilled that we were the ones slaving away in the kitchen for once, and based on the clean plates at the end of the meal, I think they liked the food pretty well too.

Chicken Recipe:

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