Lamplighter Roasting Company

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A friend recently suggested that I try Lamplighter Roasting Company for brunch. I honestly do not know how more UR students don’t know about this! I’ve asked a ton of my friends since I went to brunch here yesterday if they’ve heard of it, and none of them have. It’s a little past Carytown, almost hidden on Addison Street. Andy and I both got sandwiches, and they were simply delicious.

I got the grilled asparagus egg sandwich with tomato and havarti (pictured first), and also added sausage to it. I of course smothered it in Sriracha and I must say it was the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had in Richmond (and I’ve had a lot)! Andy is not as much of a breakfast person as me, so he went for lunch and got the 17 1/2 sandwich. This sandwich features turkey and swiss with caramelized onions and caribbean jerk aioli on fococcia. The bread was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside (my mouth is watering…), and the unique aioli definitely made the sandwich. Andy also got a chai tea latte with their own homemade ginger syrup in it, pictured last.

Another great aspect of the spot was its affordability. Had I known about Lamplighter before, it would have been number one on my college-budget-friendly list! We were so excited about this café and we can’t wait to go back. I’ve posted the website and the menu below.

Click to access lamplighter_menu.pdf

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