Homemade Eggplant and Goat Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Basil Cream Sauce


Recipe: http://tinyurl.com/oyfyudx

Let me start out by saying that this was definitely more difficult than I anticipated. Always read a recipe thoroughly before attempting it… I just jumped into it without much preparation. Do all chopping, mixing, and have a clear and organized kitchen prior to starting! Let me also say that I couldn’t have done this without Andy as my sous-chef… for us, everything works better with two pairs of hands in the kitchen!

Some notes about the recipe:

  • I found that the dish took much longer than the recipe said. Closer to an hour and 50 minutes than 20, and that was with two people working on it! Give yourself plenty of time if you want to try this.
  • We thought about making our own dough, but didn’t think we had the time, so we chose to use wonton wrappers. Looking back, even if we did have the time, it might have been too overwhelming to do everything from scratch. We had a ravioli stamp to make the shape, but cutting into squares would have worked just as well.
  • We used more tomatoes and less cream for the sauce, hence the color differences in my picture compared to the recipe’s. Our sauce was a little chunkier, but this was just based off preference. The cream sauce would have been great as well.
  • ***Make sure you only cook a few ravioli at a time! They cook quickly, and I made the mistake of putting too many in the water at once. Luckily we were making much more than we needed because we had several casualties… They started to fall apart, creating a huge mess and a stressful few minutes.

The dish tasted amazing, so we had no regrets in deciding to make it, despite the setbacks. We ended dinner with a simple cheese plate, served with crostini, as well as the guest’s choice of honey and/or raspberry jam. Overall, the dinner was a huge success. It just took us a little by surprise! If you’re adventurous, definitely go for it, and good luck!

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