Black Seed Bagel Breakfast Sandwich




photo 1 (3)


photo 2 (4)


My father recently told me about a new NYC food trend: Black Seed Bagels. They are hand rolled (characteristically slightly misshapen), and are wood-fired. And delicious. Though I have not been to the shop, my dad gave me a few of their bagels to have for the week, and I’ve been loving making breakfast for myself with them.

The first sandwich I made (pictured first) simply had egg whites, sriracha, and veggie cream cheese. The second two photos are of a sandwich I made this morning, which was a little fancier. It featured egg whites, manchego cheese, a smidge of veggie cream cheese, grilled vegetables (leftover from the night before), and my dad’s homemade salsa  (which to be honest, I have no clue what consists of). Both sandwiches were definitely made by the incredible bagels. Can’t wait to stop by Black Seed myself and try one of their own creations! Disclaimer: I’ve read quite a few reviews complaining about the price point here, but from what I’ve experienced I think trying them is worth it!

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