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Last night, I cooked a dinner party for a group of friends, in honor of “Taco Tuesday.” I knew that by the time I got off work I did not want to make something complicated or anything that would take a long time. I took the easy way out for many components of this dish, but the result did not disappoint. I found the simplest recipes I could, and got to work on these Spicy Chicken Tinga tacos.

I began by cooking the chicken using this (sort of cheating) way to get tender, shredded chicken:


This took longer than expected because the pieces of chicken I had were very large and thick, therefore taking longer to cook. While the chicken was cooking, I prepared the sauce (recipe below), made Spanish rice out of a box, and heated up a few cans of black beans.


I followed this recipe closely (minus the sour cream), and was very pleased with the result. HOWEVER, the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce were a much component spicier than anticipated! I personally love spicy food, and had planned on adding some fresh peppers and chiles to the mix as well, but once I tasted the sauce I decided against it. Some of my dinner guests were not as thrilled about how hot the tacos were, but I still received an overall very positive response from the diners. Next time though, I will only use a portion of the can and then have guests add their own fresh peppers, chiles,  and hot sauce afterward if they so please.

As the chicken and onions simmered in the sauce, I chopped some cilantro and crumbled a block of Queso Fresco. Queso Fresco is not always easy to find, and I honestly did not expect to spot it in the grocery store I was at. As a general note, Shop-Rite has a great ethnic food section, and usually carries the cheese. Last night, I got it from a small shop called Zeytuna in the Financial District of NYC.

Taco Tuesday turned out to be very successful. I love that such simple recipes were able to still impress the crowd and create delicious dishes! The slightly more difficult part of the night will be featured in my next post…

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