Choco_tacophoto 4 (3)For those of you who remember Choco Tacos, I’m sure you can understand my excitement in finding the following recipe:


 Although mine didn’t turn out to look as pretty as the ones on Food52, they still tasted pretty amazing. I made a few alterations to the recipe, but was still surprised at how similar they tasted to the real ones! I made these the night before I served them, and they preserved nicely in the freezer over night.

Changes I made to the recipe: I skipped out on the almond extract since I only needed a teaspoon of it and figured I could make do with the vanilla extract I already had. The vanilla extract came out way faster than anticipated, and I ended up adding probably a full teaspoon if not more to the mix. This turned out to be delicious! It wasn’t too much at all, and made the crepe-like shells absolutely delicious.

I didn’t buy coconut oil due to the $14 price tag. This definitely affected the chocolate drizzle that was supposed to go on top. I attempted to microwave the chocolate chips with vanilla extract instead, and the result was a thick, clumpy mess of chocolate. Luckily we had some Hershey’s chocolate sauce on hand! The biggest difference that this made was that the Hershey’s sauce didn’t harden when we put the tacos in the freezer over night. This made for messier tacos, but they still tasted great.

I would definitely make this crowd-pleaser again!


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