The Smith Midtown, NYC

photo 3 (9)


I’ve heard about The Smith for some time now, so when a group of friends made plans to go out to dinner there, I eagerly accepted. We went to the newer location in Midtown East as it was more convenient for everyone to get to (the original is in the East Village, and there is also a location in Lincoln Center). I was not expecting such a hot scene early on a Tuesday evening! The atmosphere was so fun; everything from the photobooth by the bathrooms, to the crowd of very attractive individuals, to an inviting, open set up of the dining room.

The food was right on point. I was on a budget so I didn’t order one of the main entrees, and instead got the appetizer cauliflower flatbread. It came on it’s own wooden cutting board, and was topped with a generous portion of gooey mozzarella, red chili, rosemary, basil, and cauliflower (pictured above). Definitely enough food for a main course! Two friends ordered the roasted chicken salad (with arugula, apple, walnut, brie, & grilled onion YUM), and another ordered the Ricotta Gnocchi with truffle cream – a staple at The Smith. We got a side of crispy Brussels sprouts, which were tasty but nothing out of the ordinary. Overall a great selection of food, all of which was well executed and left us painfully full.

My only complaint of our dining experience was the service. It was pretty slow, which isn’t the worst when you’re with a group of good friends and when you can see how packed the restaurant is. Once we finally got our wine, we were a little surprised at what it was being served in: small water glasses. I looked around to see if maybe that was just what they always do, but the surrounding tables had normal wine glasses. Again I’m sure it was just due to how busy that particular seating time was, so not too big of a deal.

The only thing we were truly displeased over was our waitress. She was rude and seemed annoyed with us the whole time. I can understand if we were a big group of loud drunk girls, but that was quite the opposite. We couldn’t understand why we were given the attitude! We were in and out quickly, but we took a little extra time figuring out the bill. Nothing that should have warranted how bothered she got. We left all cash with a solid tip… no annoying requests to split the bill a million ways or even for change. Maybe, again, just due to how busy it was, but our service experience was definitely worth noting.

The poor service did not take away from the rest of the evening, which was a fun ladies night at an overall great spot. I highly recommend!

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