Buffalo Blue Bean Burgers

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As I’ve previously mentioned in my recent grilled brie post, I absolutely love the blog Half Baked Harvest. I saw this recipe on the site (posted below), read it over, and decided it didn’t look too difficult. Bean, grain, and vegetable-based patties can be very difficult in getting the right consistency, but the author of the recipe specifically states in this one that she had no issue with the burger crumbling or falling apart in any way. I tend to eyeball quantities from recipes, but I wanted to be careful.I’ve messed patties up before, so I made sure to follow the proportions of her recipe exactly.

When I began pan-frying the patties, it became evident that they were not going to cooperate in staying together. I began with 3 patties on one skillet, and they were a mess. However, I later made two more patties, one at a time, and they worked perfectly! I originally was displeased because I very carefully followed the recipe when forming the patties, but later realized I actually had my stove to blame.

I live in the apartment-style dorms on campus, which have semi-decent kitchenettes. What I’ve noticed, is that the old electric stoves that come in these apartments do not distribute heat equally. This caused the first round of patties to cook at different times, accumulate all the oil in certain parts of the skillet, and make the patties difficult to keep together. I’m glad I know not to blame the recipe though! So, if you’re working with less than stellar stove, maybe try frying them one at a time to begin so that you don’t run into the same problem I did.

The end result, despite some of them being pretty messy, was incredible! I didn’t have ripe avocados, so I omitted those, and used arugula instead of butter lettuce. I also couldn’t find a vegetable spiraler to make my own curly fries, so I admittedly used a frozen bag of Ore Ida curly fries. Still very tasty.

The cheese sauce absolutely makes the whole sandwich, and I very excitedly have extra to smother over whatever else I cook this week. Overall a great, creative recipe, that I will definitely attempt again.

Buffalo-Blue Curly Cheese Fry and Crispy Black Bean Burgers.

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