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Postbellum Restaurant has to be one of my absolute favorite spots in Richmond. I first went here soon after it opened, and found out it was owned by the same people as two other spots in Richmond that I love: Baja Bean Company and Station 2. Postbellum has an upscale-bar feel, and is the only place I’ve been to in Richmond that has a rooftop bar. The balance of casual comfort food and upscale ingredients is always exciting and always delicious. You can expect your wine to come in mason jars and your nachos to have duck confit on them. Each menu has several vegetarian options, and the brunch menu has several vegan options as well. The brunch menu is really fun, and I love the make-your-own mimosa bar they have as well! Overall have always had a great experience at this place, and I’d recommend it to anyone in the area.

Menu Must-Haves


  • Fried brussels sprouts with pecans, blue cheese, & butter
  • Duck and turnip green nachos with charred onions & nutmeg cheddar
  • Southern salad: bibb lettuce, english peas, bacon, radish, buttermilk-basil dressing

Main Course:

  • YOU NEED TO GET THIS I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T LIKE GRITS: smoked king mushrooms with grits, parmesan, and sweet peas. Seriously, the dish doesn’t sound like the most amazing thing ever, but those smoked king mushrooms are unbelievable.
  • Smoke aged ribeye with ducky mushrooms and fingerling potatoes


  • Asparagus panini scrambled egg, goat cheese, smoked mushrooms, cheddar, and scallion (pictured first)
  • Mac & cheese pancakes with Sriracha maple syrup (pictured second)
    • ***We ordered these as a starter for the table just because they sounded too good not to try. They were AWESOME, but I don’t know if I would have them as my full meal considering how rich they were. A few bites = perfect start to your gluttonous brunch
  • Confit duck and sweet pea scramble with spinach, potato, charred peppers, tomato, sour cream, and cheddar

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