Cheesy Bake Oven

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It has been an annual tradition for the last few years for my friend group to throw an Oktoberfest theme party during the day. The thing about college kids drinking during the day is that people often forget to eat because they are so full on beer! Knowing this and wanting to be cautious about making sure none of our guests got too drunk, we knew we needed to provide a lot of food. Not just chips and pretzels, but good, hearty bowls of mac ‘n’ cheese. So naturally, I spent the entire night prior making pounds upon pounds of this stuff.

I would post the recipe, but to be honest I don’t remember what portions I used. I used about 15 lbs of cheese and what seemed like a thousand boxes of pasta, filling 5 catering sized tins. Below I’ve posted a recipe to a pretty standard mac ‘n’ cheese that I roughly based mine off of. In attempting large portions, the main tip I have is to not rush and not cut corners. This took hours, but in the end was definitely worth it.

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