Cold weather -> warm food

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The temperature is finally starting to feel like full on Fall, and random days are definitely winter! On this chilly Sunday night, I wanted to cook something cozy with a little kick. I decided to make this spicy grilled chicken with a cheesy mushroom risotto.

The chicken was pretty simple: I marinated a few chicken breasts in a spicy BBQ sauce, garlic, and a little lemon juice for about 35 minutes, and then seasoned it with chili powder, Lawry’s season salt, and a lot of cracked pepper. I threw it on a medium-hot grill for about 5 minutes on each side (I’ve said this before, but grill time for chicken breast totally depends on the thickness of the breast! Don’t be afraid to cut into it to check if it’s cooked!). The mushroom risotto, on the other hand, was a little bit more labor-intensive.

I based the dish off of this recipe by Ina Garten:

As a general note, if you are trying a dish that you are unsure about, always look for Ina Garten recipes!!! They always come out so well and have very clearly written instructions, which is not always the case with any recipe you find online!

I followed this recipe pretty closely, with just a few exceptions. I didn’t choose specific types of mushrooms, but instead opted for a package of “mixed wild mushrooms.” I also left out the pancetta since I was already getting protein from the chicken, as well as the saffron threads because I simply forgot to go find those. I also added (maybe 1/3 cup?) of gruyere cheese*** to the risotto, letting it melt into the dish before topping it with fresh parmesan. And of course, I added red pepper flakes to the whole thing throughout (for anyone new here, I make a large majority of my dishes spicy..)

***QUICK TIP: If a recipe ever calls for gruyere cheese, or if your heart just calls for it like mine did tonight, don’t bother spending the big bucks on a small block of it. Instead, try finding a package of shredded “fondue cheese,” sometimes in the international section at big grocery stores. It will almost always have mostly gruyere, with a blend of a few other cheeses as well, and will always be much cheaper!

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