Pawsitively Awesome

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.50.41 PM


As a part of my Integrated Marketing Communications class, we were assigned a project on the topic of making something “go viral.” We broke up into small groups and were given very vague instructions to just “create something and make it go viral,” or in other words for the sake of our class, get as many likes on social media as possible. I immediately thought of food and proposed the idea to use the Izzy Bake Oven Instagram to our advantage since it has more followers than our personal accounts. Someone else in my group thought to add his friend’s puppy to the photo, and so with this we set out for the ultimate staged photo. We decided to do it at the beautiful lake on our campus, Westhampton Lake, and due to the sheer luck of when we all had the time to meet up, we caught the start of a sunset as well. We posted it on various social media outlets, including Izzy Bake Oven, which was then featured on the Infatuation Instagram account! We won the competition by a landslide!

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