Foodie Gifts


I wrote a post last year about potential gifts you could get your foodie friend for Christmas, and with the positive feedback I got, I thought I’d make it an annual guide. Below you’ll find gifts for 5 different types of foodie people who you might be in search of a gift for. Hope this is at all helpful!

1) For anyone who likes to cook: any of the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.. her recipes always come out so well. They are great for any time you try cooking a dish you never had before. I personally love the “Make it Ahead” one, since I love to entertain, but they’re all great.

2) Anyone new in the kitchen: a good knife!!! A good knife really makes a huge difference from a cheap, dull one. My dad got me a Zwilling paring knife when I first started to really show my interest in the kitchen, and I immediately could see how great of a difference it makes. Some people think it’s bad luck to give a knife as a gift, so to trump this issue, tape a penny onto the gift. There are a few different traditions surrounding this (in the link below).


Penny Tradition:

3) Your classy wine-drinking girl friend: Anthropologie wine glasses. I LOVE gifts from Anthro and always find great things here each holiday season. They have the cutest aprons, great ceramic cookware, and I love these pretty rose colored wine glasses they have in various shapes this year!

Another idea that I keep seeing posted on various social media websites (but that I haven’t tried myself) is wine ice cream! Yes, both wine and ice cream in one carton. To read more about this hilarious new concept:

4) Your meat-loving man: A good carving board. When I had my own kitchen for the first time as a sophomore in college, I spent a couple months without any sort of cutting board. I didn’t think it would be as big of an issue as it was, but I will warn you that attempting to carve a piece of meat, let alone chop an onion on a ceramic or even paper plate is an absolute disaster. A good carving board is a great gift and staple for the kitchen, and there are a lot of awesome ways to personalize it (like with a monogram!) An example of a very nice, not too expensive one is below:

5) Your trendy friend: a waffle maker. This is a HUGE trend right now and can turn anyone into an Instagram-worthy chef. The idea is that you can put virtually anything into a waffle maker and make it an instant-hit. From paninis, to hash browns, to eggs.. anything. Read more about this trend and other anticipated trends for 2015 here:


-I received an adorable gift this year from a friend (shout out to Sarah Clark!!!), which was a necklace that has a mini-whisk and an “I” charm on it. Etsy always has wonderful personalized gifts like this; definitely worth browsing the site for anyone on your list.

-Cooking classes! I’ve taken two classes at Sur La Table, both of which I really enjoyed. They are a bit pricey (for the college student, at least), but I use many of the techniques I learned in these classes in my every day cooking. Also, you get a copy of the recipes once you’re done with the class, so that you can recreate an impressive dish in your own kitchen whenever you want!

-Food ornaments. Urban Outfitters has a lot of cute ones! As does, which is where I got the above image for this post. They’re quirky and fun, and give your tree an extra flare of personality.

-Cute baked goods that actually taste good. More on this in my “Bite Size Happiness”.

-As I said last year, one of my favorite things I like to give as a gift is the gift of food. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan out a good meal, and will always be very appreciated. Check out last year’s post about the gift of food for some simple yet impressive recipes!

*I got the cover image and the image above off of Google Images. It is not my own photo!

*Edited December 17th

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