Bite Size Happiness



27 Holiday Cookies That Are Almost Too Cute to Eat:

These are mini sugar cookie “hot chocolate” cups. SO delicious and so adorable. I made them for a Christmas Eve party, and I had people asking me about them all night! Baking cookies around the holidays is a longstanding tradition for many, but often times they are boring and overdone. I found this article on Buzzfeed that inspired me create something much more fun this year. The recipe was surprisingly simple, although assembling the cups did take a little time (& was slightly labor intensive).


Notes: I couldn’t find Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits (the really tiny marshmallows), so I just used one mini one on each (the tiny ones are cuter though). I did the optional step of rolling the dough in sugar before putting them in the muffin tin, and this was very helpful! I had no issue getting the cookies out of the tin once they were done baking.

“Question #2 Cookies Overflow & Spread – Use a small cookie cutter (mine is 2 inches in diameter) to cut away the extra cookie immediately after taking them out of the oven.” *This step is crucial! I didn’t do this immediately after taking them out, and it ruined a few of them as they broke apart when I tried to scrape of the excess.

The last note I have with the recipe is to be careful with melting the white chocolate in a pan. I used a lot more than I needed to, and then didn’t clean the pan the second I was done using it. The chocolate got cement-hard and was impossible to scrape away. I had to get ride of the pan, but I’m sure that if I had scraped it out while the chocolate was still warm it would have been fine. Other than these few notes, the recipe was very easy and I can’t emphasize enough how much of a hit they were!

Happy baking!

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