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Everyone loves tater tots. Everyone loves nachos. EVERYONE LOVES TOTCHOS.

These are extremely easy to make and extremely crowd pleasing. I’ve made them several different ways with various toppings; really whatever I have on hand. Seriously, these are the perfect start to ANY gathering. Your guests will praise you like you’ve never seen before. Totchos are the answer to everyone’s prayers.

Simply start by baking frozen tater tots as directed by the package. Make sure you bake them until they are nice and crispy, even if this means you leave them in longer than the bag says.

While the tots are baking, prepare your toppings. For the totchos featured above, I cooked up some bacon and ground beef. Bacon is simple: you just heat a skillet over medium heat (no oil or anything should be used) and place the bacon strips on the pan until they are crispy and crunchy; remove from the pan and place on a plate with paper towels underneath. Once it has cooled, use your hands to crumble the bacon into little pieces.

For the ground beef, heat a skillet over medium heat with two or three tablespoons of olive oil. Add the ground beef, along with any seasonings you have on hand (I used salt, pepper, Lawry’s, and chili powder), and cook until brown.

I also topped these babies with green onions, red, yellow, and orange chopped bell peppers, parsley, and of course, copious amounts of cheese. I didn’t cook any of these prior to adding them to the tots.

Once the tots are done baking, take them out of the oven. Put half of them into a large skillet and evenly distribute half the toppings. Add the second half over that, and throw on the remaining toppings. You can never add too much cheese. You can substitute any of these toppings with really anything you want. Pulled pork, beans, mushrooms, chicken, sausage, chili… anything you can think of. When I recreated these the next day after several beers, I may or may not have added a cut up piece of barbecue chicken pizza to the mix………

Place the skillet back in the oven for about five more minutes, or until the cheese is clearly melted. Drizzle your finished product with Sriracha and ranch sauce, and serve it right out of the skillet (with a mit on the skillet handle so no one hurts themselves.. think the way fajitas are served at restaurants!) Pass out the forks and dig in.

Happy Super Bowl feasting.

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