Dublin, Ireland

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On Friday, I joined my family and over 40 other guests in Dublin, Ireland, to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday. It’s a short trip, but so far has been filled with unbelievable food and drink, and very fun experiences. Yesterday afternoon, we headed to a place called O’Connell’s, where these photos come from. The first photo features a roast leg of Irish lamb with salsa verde and a lamb aioli. The second, which was my entree, features Roast Irish Pork with Bramley apple sauce, cooking juices, and herbed bread stuffing. For Sunday brunch, they have a buffet of various vegetable dishes, followed by a choice of entree and then a buffet again for dessert. My father got the roast rib of dry aged Irish beef, which is carved right in front of you at the table! The lunch was great, and gave us a glimpse into the amazing meat Ireland has to offer.

 Last night, my father hosted a dinner party at the renowned restaurant Chapter One in Dublin, which had an incredible menu (see below.. sorry it’s small, hopefully you can enlarge!). Photos from the dinner are to come once I upload them from my digital camera onto my computer when we’re back.


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