Kobeyaki, NYC

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.34.53 PM

This beauty documents my first trip to a Kobeyaki in New York City. There are three locations throughout the city (Bryant Park, Chelsea, and Theatre District), and I was pleased to try it out. My sister suggested it as she was in the mood for sushi, and I was happy to look at the menu online and see the raving reviews about the burger (as I am not quite a sushi person). We ordered online to skip the masses, and took our lunch to Bryant Park, where we were able to sit outside enjoying 60 degrees & sunny for the first time since the fall!

This burger was BOMB and it didn’t make me feel like I was about to have a heart attack. The patty was thin, but perfectly cooked to medium rare. The Kobe beef was flavorful and juicy, and it was topped with teriyaki onions, teriyaki ketchup, lettuce, carrot, cabbage, and scallion, sandwiched between a fluffy brioche bun. The burger usually comes with spicy mayo and cucumber as well, but I asked for it without. I added a generous amount of Sriracha, and thoroughly enjoyed every bite. My only regret is not ordering tempura sweet potato fries on the side!

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