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My name is Isabelle and as you can probably tell, I love food. I love cooking it, learning about it, and most of all, eating it.


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But I’m constantly faced with the question: do I have a passion for food like my father? That’s what I’m trying to find out.

Many classify my father, Colman Andrews, as a food and wine expert. I may be biased, but I would still like to attest to his expertise. He effortlessly answers anything and everything I could possibly think of to ask about food and wine. We call him a human encyclopedia, and he doesn’t seem to disagree. He has written many books, has founded a magazine, won/been nominated for several James Beard awards, and seems to know people every place we go. He currently works as the Editorial Director at the popular website The Daily Meal (a little free publicity, pops: http://www.thedailymeal.com) Intimidating footsteps to follow in? To say the least.

Colman took me on a trip to Barcelona and Rosas, which inspired me to start this blog about a year and a half ago. Despite the fact that we only spent four nights abroad, I swear I gained at least 7 pounds. I’m not sure of a way to describe each meal (a few of which are posted on this site) other than divine. The snapshot of knowledge he fed to me on this trip made me more eager to explore this industry and world than ever before.

My tastebuds are spoiled. But the college lifestyle doesn’t always support that. Trying to grapple with this concept is not always fun.

I created this blog in attempts to document my bittersweet entry into the food world. Here you’ll find everything from restaurant reviews, to recipes, to random tips, to my father’s cooking, to my own adventures in the kitchen. And of course, mouthwatering food porn.

For more photos, follow me on Instagram as well! @izzy.bakeoven

*All photos taken by me, on my iPhone, unless otherwise noted.*


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