“Uber: Putting Millennials in the Driver’s Seat”: IDST Senior Thesis

Spoon University at the University of Richmond (coming soon): I am in the process of founding a chapter of Spoon University on my campus, and am currently in the application phase. The site will hopefully be launching in the fall of 2015:

Tumblr for Kappa Kappa Gamma: I created this site as a fun, aesthetically pleasing representation of my sorority’s chapter. It is used as a marketing tool, and is curated to push content that targets not only existing members, but potential new members as well:

Strategic Market Planning Sunnyside Fields Case: I was part of a group of five students in a team who came up with this presentation for a project assigned from my Strategic Market Planning course. It combines elements of marketing math, creative execution, and strategic planning to come up with a solution to a case we were given: Sunnyside Fields Case

IMC Burger King Recommendation: this was the final exam for my Integrated Marketing Communications course, where we were timed three hours to come up with a social media recommendation for any brand we wanted. I chose to focus on how Burger King can improve their social media efforts by redirecting their brand voice and focusing less on the Whopper and more on their other products: IMC Final Project

Principles of Marketing Final Project: this was a group project assignment that asked us to look at a brand that seemed to be having a branding issue, and come up with a full-fledged media and strategy recommendation: Volvo Marketing Plan Final

Examples of advertisements I created for my a cappella group and my sorority: Design Samples (ads)

Ongoing projects to come soon:

Campofrío Digital Marketing Rebrand

Performance Food Service Digital Marketing Rebrand

Strategic Market Planning Coca-Cola Life Campaign


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